Hermitage Springs

The Hermitage Springs church family is a community of people that has all types of hurts, pains, discouragements, and problems. We come together because God has forgiven our sins and is changing us into something new. As a group of people, we experience Jesus- His love, compassion, and grace. He fills us with His healing Spirit and calls us to follow Him. The Hermitage Springs church Family is a safe place where you too can experience love, acceptance, and forgiveness. If you are searching for a church home, we'd like you to know that there's a special place here just for you!  homepage 8

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Hermitage Springs Church of Christ

Feb 2016
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2/7Bean Lunch
3/27Easter Egg Hunt
5/1Gospel Meeting with Carl Simms
5/2Gospel Meeting with Carl Simms
5/3Gospel Meeting with Carl Simms
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